Sri. Polisetty Somasundaram ,
Founder 1900-1963.

His simplicity was his strength. His vision was his energy.

           He saw a dream and led the foundation for the company in 1943. Mr.Polisetty Somasundaram embarked on his business career way back in 1943 as a trader and exporter of Indian leaf tobacco. His company ,as small as a mustard seed when planted, grew up into a giant firm like a huge, sprawling banyan tree in a span of 50 years. He also planted a seed of dynamism and entrepreneurial zeal that was to be nurtured by the generations to come.

           Integrity , enterprise , and sheer hard work of Mr. Polisetty Somasundaram have led the company in the trail of brisk progress. Polisetty began exporting tobacco when other Indian companies were still finding a domestic market.

           Now his son P.S.Hari Prasada Rao leads the company with the futuristic vision. A man with an unwavering belief in par of human potential. Hari Prasada Rao is firmly committed to the principles of excellence and integrity laid down by his father. Hard work and honesty has been his mantra for success.

         Despite his hectic schedule, he takes keen interest in the promotion and brand building of Indian tobacco. As president of Indian tobacco association, he has been instrumental in initiating various reforms in the industry. This representative body of Indian tobacco growers, traders, exporters and manufacturers has responded by electing him President for a record period of 1986 - 1997.


                                 Mr. Shyam Sundar, son of Mr. Hari Prasada Rao represents the new blend of the company. He works in close association with his father, infusing the companies youth and dynamism.